Escape Room

Bank Robbery

Steal the world's biggest diamond


Escape room in Alicante of The Bank Robbery. Escape room in Alicante. Laser room. You will have to decipher all the puzzles to overcome the escape game. You are trapped in the bank robbery, you must escape before 60 minutes.

You are a famous band of thieves. This time, a well-known mobster hired you to steal the biggest diamond from the bank safe vault. There is no precise plan yet. But your has worked in the bank and has made things easier for you.

You have exactly one hour to complete the mission.

Being caught by the police is not an option. Remember, if you manage to escape, there is a great reward.

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Warning for the manic lair!

To play our scary escape room you should play in comfortable clothes and without bracelets or accessories on neck, ears, hands, etc. In addition, the game will require physical activity over logic.

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