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Monday to Thursday:

59€ per game. Check number of players for each room.

From Friday to Sunday and Holidays:

69€ per game. Check number of players for each room.

*Prices from April 22, 2019 and onwards

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What is escape room

The game

An escape room or live escape game is a group leisure activity where you will have to solve puzzles and complete challenges in 60 minutes to escape.

Fit for all ages and languages

Our games designed for teams of friends and families with kids of age 8+. All games can be done in Spanish, English, Russian and German.


It is a team activity in which teamwork, communication and coordination are crucial to accomplishing the mission.

60Min Escape Room Alicante somos una sala de escape. Disponemos de actualmente de dos juegos en vivo abiertos y un tercero que estará abierta pronto.

About us

60Min Escape Room Alicante are a live escape game compamy in the center of Alicante that offers activities for groups of friends, family business, couples...

  • We are located in the very center of Alicante
  • We have 2 rooms open and 3rd coming soon
  • We can accommodate teams up to 10 players
  • We have 5-star rating of Tripadvisor, Facebook, Google

Our rooms

The Mystery of the Mummy

Escape room in Alicante The mystery of the mummy. You are trapped in the ancient pyramid, escape in 60 minutes

Find the amulet of the Pharaoh Ramses II the Great and and escape from an ancient Egyptian pyramid.

2-5 Players | 60 minutes | Difficulty: 3/5

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Banc Robbey

Escape room in Alicante from Theft to bank. Try to steal the biggest diamond in the world. You have 60minutes...

Try to steal the biggest diamond in the world and not get caught by police.

2-4 Players | 60 minutes | Difficulty: 4/5

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The Maniac's Lair

Escape room in Alicante Maniac's Lair. Escape the most dangerous maniac in the world.

You woke up in a dark room. Darkness surrounds you. Hands tied. Is this a dream? No. This is a terrifying reality. Who is that moving in the corner?

3-4 Players | 60 minutes | Difficulty: 3/5

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What to do in Alicante

If you do not know What to do in Alicante lives a last generation experience with the Escape Room in Alicante and surpasses all the challenges with your team.

The experience of the Escape Room in Alicante is a leisure activity for groups in which a group dynamics develops as the game goes by. What to do in Alicante is not a problem but the important thing is to find a special activity to enjoy with your friends, family, couple or co-workers.

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Our telephone number is 654 69 07 14

Our e-mail is: info@60min.es

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